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Text based command line webcam photobooth app

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A camera app in terminal. One more reason to stay inside the box you call terminal.


With our revolutionary application, you don’t have to leave your terminal and climb a mountain, just to get your next perfect Instagram picture. Open terminal, run skunkbooth and capture funkiest images inside the box (aka terminal).

We support all the modern operating systems. All you need is python3.

See it in action




pip install skunkbooth


After installation, use skunkbooth command to launch camera.


Media location

The photos and videos that you take are present in the following location

ls ~/skunkbooth/pictures
dir C:\Users\<username>\skunkbooth\pictures


Poetry is used for package management. For setting up your environment, follow along.

Install Poetry

curl -sSL | python -
(Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -UseBasicParsing).Content | python -

Clone the repo

git clone
cd SkunkBooth

Activate poetry shell

poetry shell

Install dev deps

poetry install

Run the application

python3 -m skunkbooth.main


Logs are located in skunkbooth folder.

tail -f ~/skunkbooth/.logs/skunkbooth.log
Get-Content C:\Users\<username>\skunkbooth\.logs\skunkbooth.log -Wait

App Walkthrough

🏠 Home

Home screen is the first point of contact for the application. It displays the camera output in the screen by default, when the application is started and enables access/navigation to all features of the application.

Home screen

📷 Shoot

Image(s) can be taken instantly by clicking on Shoot button in home screen.

⏯ Record

Record button in the home screen toggles video recording and it can be used to start and stop recording.

Image and video files generated will be stored in Media location as .jpg and .avi respectively.

🖌 Effects

The Effects screen features filters that can be applied to the camera output.

Effects screen

To capture images and video by applying filters follow the below steps:

Play around with multiple filters to capture some grooviest images and videos.

Home screen with effects

Gallery screen is a file browser which displays list of images and videos captured using the application, as shown in the image below.

Gallery screen

👁 Preview

Preview screen renders the media file that is opened via gallery screen. This screen currently supports display of files only in .jpg format, with more formats to be added in the future versions.

Preview screen

🛑 Quit

The application can be safely exited using Quit button in home screen.